Making the best use of your cell phone camera in easy 5 steps

Nowadays cell phone cameras are fantastic, and you can make amazing videos with them. If you follow these simple steps you will make your videos look very professional:

1. Use your camera in landscape mode (horizontal.) This way it will match the frame of your TV and computer monitor. You will have a beautiful large picture.

2. Try to avoid zooming in. If possible, get closer to the subject. If not possible, you will be better off zooming in during the editing stage. The electronic zoom from cameras are usually inferior in quality to what you can get while editing, and chances are that your footage will be shaky if you zoom in while filming.

3. Don't forget to include yourself in the video. If possible, ask someone to film you, you will look better than using the front camera (or FaceTime camera.) If there's no one to help, you can still look great by holding the camera slightly to your side and slightly above your face. That way the footage will get bit of perspective and you will have no double chin. 

4. We have a natural instinct to keep the camera moving. But sometimes it pays off to be patient and hold the camera still. Point the camera and hold it for at least 5 seconds. Then chose a different frame and hold it for 5 more seconds.

5. Recording a short interview can add a lot to a short film. Just make sure that you chose a place that doesn't have too much background noise. If you, or the person you are interviewing, are shy to go on a long speech to the camera, don't despair. A quick "I love you" or "Congrats" goes a long way. Kisses and waves to the camera are great too. Even a nice smile, that can be slowed down later on in the editing stage, will make a great ending for a video.

Happy filming!