- collect videos and pictures from your cell phone and computer;

- scan pictures or transfer videos from old sources (we do not provide transfer services but will be glad to suggest some options for you);

- complete a questionnaire so we can understand how you want to use your video. That way we will be able to create a movie that is more relevant to you;

- agree to the terms of service;

- upload the footage using our secure link that we will send to you. Write a bit about each photo or video using the comment space provided in the site under each photo/video. You can name the people portrayed, say something about when it was taken, about the place or about the circumstance.

- in approximately 10 business days you will receive a link to watch your short film. If you are completely happy with it, we will deliver it to you in your choice of deliverable (electronic file, DVD or USB drive). If you would like us to make some adjustments, it’s fine. You have the right to one revision at no extra cost.

Angela (far right) with her siblings and dog Bingo.

Angela (far right) with her siblings and dog Bingo.