“Angela K. Pires created a wonderful video which was  a tribute to my husband on his 80th birthday. It is a family treasure. 

I sent Angela the pieces (scans of photos, videos, music and a few ideas) and completed her questionnaire. Then she masterfully turned them into a gem of video. Angela's work is inspired, skilled and creative.

I could not have asked for a better partner. When I was confused, Angela's typical response was "No worries!" Then she gave me a simple answer. When I was indecisive, I felt confident turning the decisions over to her.  She met our deadline and gave me beautifully packaged DVDs and USBs.  Angela is a real professional.”

Jackie Beth

"Angela is one of the most talented editors I know.  Her work is smart, beautiful, and imaginative, and she is a pleasure to work with."

Andrew Garrison, director of "Trash Dance"


"Angela is a creative powerhouse and dedicated collaborator who will not rest until excellence has been attained. She brings humor, compassion and fun to all of her projects and is a true pleasure to work with. Wise folks will take advantage of her new model by entrusting her with personal videos to create something special."

David Modigliani, director of "61 Bullets"


"Angela has an artists sensitivity and a director's eye. She is one of my favorite collaborators and I'm very proud of the films we've made together. In short, hire her!"

Ben Steinbauer, Director of various episodes at the Mental Health Channel


"Angela is a terrific editor.  She took several dozen of my film clips and made a wonderful story, accompanied by the perfect music.“

Thomas Borders, founder of Borders Books


"Angela is a terrific filmmaker. She is creative, she is hard working, but most of all she is a storyteller. She knows how to highlight key moments and weave them together to create compelling narratives."

Lucy Kreutz, co-director and co-editor of "61 Bullets"

"Angela has a great talent in combining humor and drama, taking out of our very banal life moments of pure emotions, tenderness and empathy."

Liliana Sulzbach, director of "The Prison and The Street"


"As filmmakers venturing into our first feature film we were in need of an editor who could work with newcomers in the business of movie-making. We were personally invested in this project, emotionally attached, ignorant in many ways and in need of a little hand-holding. We interviewed several editors and Angela stood out miles above all the rest. Within 30 minutes of our meeting and talking, she had already formulated incredible ideas and it felt like she’d decided this film was her baby. We were blown-away by her enthusiasm, creativity, resume, and frankly, we REALLY liked her.

At our second meeting with Angela we essentially dumped 80 hours of footage in her lap and said “here, make a movie;” she took hold of it and made a first draft that made me cry when I saw it-- tears of amazement and pride. She made a very rough diamond into an award-winning gem.

Angela is exceptionally talented! She is incredibly detailed in the organization of her material; her cuts are seamless, and her work flows beautifully. Her memory is amazing and she can pull that perfect, obscure scene from the vast categorized material time and time again. We had a very challenging film involving numerous topics that all needed to be woven together, and she nailed it--we have the awards to prove it.

There are people who do their job and there are people who enjoy their job; interview a few editors and you will see that Angela is definitely the later. If we sound overly effusive it’s only because we spent a year of our lives with Angela and her husband Stew and it all felt like family. In the end Angela’s final edit gave us not only a great film but a memory that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. Hire her and create something wonderful."

Joan Hendrix, producer of "Lasting Images"

Adoption day happiness!  Picture by   Jessica Klima Photography

Adoption day happiness! Picture by Jessica Klima Photography