Please use this questionnaire as a guideline. Write as much or as little as you want. The more we know about you or the person portrayed in the film, the more relevant the final product will be. If you prefer to download it, click here.

1.    Is the video a gift or is it for yourself?

2.    If for somebody else, please explain for whom, and what your relationship is.

3.    Please tell usa little bit about how you want to use the video (surprise birthday party, anniversary gift, memorial, etc) and what your expectations are.

4.    What would you like to achieve with the video? Improving your kid’s self-esteem in academics or sports? Helping your kid achieve a healthier body image? Encouraging risk-taking attitude? Encouraging persistence? You name it.

5.    Any stories that will help us get a better understanding of the person(s) or pet(s) portrayed in the film?

6.    In few words, how would you describe the person in this video? Would you like to send them a message on screen?

7.    Is it OK to use humor in the video?

8.    Please list as many favorites and least favorites of yours and/or of the person portrayed in the film as possible. To give you some ideas:

a.    Music style

b.    Musician/band

c.     Songs

d.    Movies / Plays

e.    Actors/directors

f.      Sports

g.    Sports teams / players

h.    Hobbies

i.      Food

j.      Writers

k.     Poems

9.    Is there a deadline you need to reach? We usually ask for 2 weeks to edit your film, but we would be happy to try to accommodate your needs. There might be an expedite fee, but we will never charge you anything you haven’t agreed to.

10. Anything else you want us to know?

Ali, the Boxer, in the editing room.

Ali, the Boxer, in the editing room.